For that, why is wordpress so slow click on the field where Add Title is written and give your post a proper name. Next to insert text content for your post, start inserting your text on the field under the title field. So, let’s start with adding a title to the new post. Add the title to your post or page. These buttons allow you to preview and publish your post.

Undo/Redo buttons allows you to move forward as well as backward and thus helps to edit the contents easily. Business that have blogs offer quality information, tips and news feeds about the company and thus is a brand identity just like its official website. We are sure you do not want to compromise on what it has to offer. If you want to embed video into your post, the process is almost similar to that of the above-mentioned steps.

  • Choose the best WordPress theme and plugins for your website
  • 4 RewriteCond %HTTP_HOST ^$ [NC]
  • It supports SFTP for security
  • Load PDFs / documents by Ajax on category selector change
  • Save the file. Your site should have its favicon
  • How the data is stored (and for how long it’s stored)

To add an image to your post, select an area where you want to add the image and then hover over that spot. Then, click on upload or add from the media library to add an image. Under this tab, you can select the blocks for embedding various audio, videos and other contents from various social media platforms and popular websites. Here, you can browse for all the available and common blocks that you require.

Also, a search box is available from where you can quickly search for your required block. Also, you can add or remove the link easily. Also, you can insert the URL to the page where you want to redirect your users after they click on the button. To create a listing, like in step three select a spot and then click on the plus button. Give your button a relevant name and then stylize it as per your choice.